Yamaha Drumlines for Sale

Used WGI, DCI and Collegiate Drumlines for sale, only by Yamaha.


Yamaha is pleased to announce the sale of a custom drumline to the public. Drumlines used by The Colts, The Cavaliers, USC, and Infinity Percussion are all available now!  The colors, sizes and series will vary. See list below for all of the details. 

Here is the process to get pricing or purchase these drum lines.

1. Send an email to Yamaha  – percussion@yamaha.com

2. Include the following information:

          a. Your Name

          b. Your School Name

          c. Indicate which used drumline your school wishes to purchase

          d. Your Phone Number

          e. Your Address (where you want the drums shipped)

          f.  List Progressive Music as the authorized Yamaha percussion instrument dealer(s) where you wish to obtain a price quote.

          g. Include Progressive Music, Mark Despotakis, 412-672-9623 and info@progressivemusicompany.com as contact information for Progressive Music.

Drumline Details Orders:

          · All drumlines are available on a first come, first serve basis.

          · A purchase order from an authorized dealer for Yamaha percussion instruments is required to hold the order for any given dealer. No exceptions.

          · The drumline is sold as a complete set only and cannot be broken up into smaller components. No exceptions.

Refurbishment – Yamaha goes to great lengths to ensure that all drumlines receive a thorough cleaning, inspection and repair. Refurbishment includes, and is not limited to, the following:

          o Cleaning of drum shells. (There may be scratches on the shell which cannot be repaired.)

          o Cleaning of the drum hardware.

          o Replacement missing, broken or damaged hardware.

          o Replacement of all drumheads. (Note that if the customer will be using Evans drumheads, REMO heads will not be provided. The cost is the same with or without heads.)

These drumlines are used and sold “as is”. There are no returns.

Accessory Items:

          · Carriers, stands, covers and cases are not included. Any of these items will be sold as new from your local authorized dealer for Yamaha percussion instruments.

          · All spacers and tom rails will be shipped as new units.

          · Note that the multi-tom configuration will only work with the RM-TVHBPTA carrier. Another brand or model of carrier will not work with these multi-toms.

          · At times there are extra bass drums hoops. Any extra hoops will be sent along with the order for free of charge.

Drumline Details – See the following order sheets for more detail


Infinity Percussion (Available now)

Purple Sparkle Fade: (9) 9200 Series snares drums, (5) Sets of 8200 Series multi-toms (680234), (5) 8200 Series bass drums (sizes – 16,18,20,24,28)


The Cavaliers (2012) (Available now)

White Sparkle; (9) 9200 Series snares, (5) 8200  Series multi-toms (60234), (6) 8200 Series bass drums (sizes – 16,18,20,24,28,32)

The Colts (2013-2014) (Available now)

Natural Gloss; (10) 9200 Series snares, (4)  8200 Series multi-toms (680234), (6) 8200 Series bass drums (sizes – 18,20,24,28,30,32)


USC (2013) (Available now)

Cherry Wood Custom Finish; (9) 9200 Series snares, (6) 8200 Series multi-toms (68024), (10) 8200 Series bass drums (sizes – 18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32)