NORWELL, MA, January 2, 2019–The Avedis Zildjian Company, parent company of Vic Firth, is pleased to introduce the new Vic Firth Freestyle series of drumsticks in 2019. The Freestyle seriesoffers an enhanced experience for drummers, allowing them to move up and down the stick, adjusting touch, feel, and sound without any loss of control.

The new Freestyle series of sticks draws inspiration from the world of freestyle longboarding, and creates parallels to the flow and freedom of expression that a freestyle rider feels when riding on an extra-longdeck. The new sticks feature a massive overall length of 17” and an extra-longtaper, resulting in more than double the area where a drummer can place their fulcrum. The Freestyle series are made from hickory, and have a hybrid acorn tip with barrel edges. Freestyle is available in the 5 most popular Vic Firthmodels: 7A, 85A, 5A, 55A, 5B.

“What makes the Freestyle series different from other long sticks on the market is the precisely balanced equation of overall length and extremely long tapers. Taken together, these two adjustments effectively double the area of the “sweet spot” for the fulcrum, allowing drummers to alter their playing experience in a way that’s not possible with any other stick. Touch, balance and sound can all be adjusted as easily as turning up a volume knob,” says AndyTamulynas, Drumsticks and Mallets Category Manager for Zildjian.

The Zildjian Company has been synonymous with setting the standard for the development and manufacture of high performance musical instruments since 1623. As the world’s leading maker of cymbals, drum sticks and percussion mallets, Zildjian products are sold across the globe, under the Zildjian, Vic Firth, and Balter Malletsbrands, and are the standard to which all other cymbals, drumsticks and mallets are measured. From the beginner to the world’s greatest rock stars, jazz performers and concert percussionists, amateurs and pros alike choose Zildjian, Vic Firth, and Balter Mallets products to share their musical expression, without compromise.

Headquartered in Norwell, Massachusetts with offices in Los Angeles, CA and London, UK, Zildjian products are sold globally through distributors and via a network of dealers. All Zildjian products are made in the USA at our cymbal factory in Norwell, MA anddrumstick/mallet factory in Newport, ME.For more on the Avedis Zildjian Company, please visit: