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Title Genre(s) Instrument(s) Publisher Composer List Price Location
What I Really Meant To Say Hal Leonard $3.95 R6 S3
Bringing Down The Horse Warner Brothers The Wall Flowers $21.95 R6 S3
Inside Information Hal Leonard Foreigner $10.95 R6 S3
Sheryl Crow Warner Brothers $22.95 R6 S3
Songs in 3/4 Time Hal Leonard $12.95 R6 S3
Victor Victoria Columbia Mancini/Bricusse $10.95 R3 S6
Peter Pan Hal Leonard Charlap/Leigh $7.95 R3 S6
Pop Blockbusters Volume 1 Belwin $7.95 R3 S6
Porgy and Bess Warner Brothers Gershwin/ Gershwin $12.95 R3 S6
Ragtime IMO Ahrens $19.95 R3 S6