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Title Genre(s) Instrument(s) Publisher Composer List Price Location
Victor Herbert Made Easy Book 2 M. Witmark and Sons Richter $0.75 R7 S1
Belwin Piano Method Book in Five Books 1 Warner Brothers Weybright $5.95 R7 S2
Kuhlav Sonatinas for Piano Book 1 Schirmer Kuhlav $5.95 R7 S2
Rhythm Speller Belwin Schaum $5.95 R7 S2
Rhythm Workbook Book 4 Schaum Schaum $5.95 R7 S2
Preliminary School of Finger Dexterity Op. 636 Schirmer Czerny $7.95 R7 S1
Technic is Fun Book 4 Belwin Hirsberg $5.50 R7 S1
Robert Pace Music for Piano Book 2 Schirmer Pace $1.75 R7 S1
Technic is Fun Book 5 Belwin Hirsberg $5.50 R7 S1
Robert Pace Skills and Drills Schirmer Pace $1.25 R7 S1