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Title Genre(s) Instrument(s) Publisher Composer List Price Location
Rubank Advanced Volume 2 Rubank Gower/Voxman $6.95 R5 S4
Section Studies Flute Belwin Hooovet/Morsch $5.50 R4 S6
Selected Duets Flute Volume 2 Rubank Voxman $6.95 R4 S6
Silver Burdet Instrumental Series Hal Leonard Phillips $6.95 R4 S6
Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, 3 Alfred $14.95 R4 S6
Technic Today Part 1 Belwin Polyhar $2.95 R4 S6
Terzetto Harmonium Macie Hillard $6.95 R4 S6
The Art and Practice of Modern Flute Technique MCA Music Kincaid $9.95 R4 S6
Top Register Studies for Flute Fischer Filas $6.95 R4 S6
Twenty-Four Caprices (Etudes) Opus 26 Fischer Boehm/Wummer $6.95 R4 S6