COVID-19, Social Distancing Music Making Resources

The implication of COVID-19 and adapting to the best practices of social distancing is impacting all of us. Whether you are an educator who is learning to teach online for the first time in your career, a parent now at home trying to keep up your child’s educational needs, or just attempting to keep the cabin fever at bay, we are collectively living in a new and often challenging environment. 

With global calls for social distancing music-makers are grappling with a rapidly changing world and a “new, albeit temporary-normal.”  Here are just a few of some of the exciting free and low-cost options to continue making a musical world all around you.

For Educators

  • The NAMM Foundation COVID-19 Resources: The NAMM Foundation is committed to the continuing of teaching and learning music through the realities of the global health crisis. Please enjoy a curated list of resources provided by The NAMM Foundation and its grantee partners and supporters.
  • 78th Army Band: In support of the music mentorship branch of their mission, the 78th Army Band is offering their resources to music educators gripping with a new online learning environment. As a reserve unit the citizen soldiers that make up the unit include gigging musicians and music educators. By filling out a brief survey, music educators will get a tailored curriculum of online masterclasses, video recordings of students’ parts, and information about a career in the Army Reserve Band.
  • Music Workshop: Free educational resources for music educators, grades K-8. Offering 19 courses that cover subjects such as “the history and appreciation of multiple musical subjects including genres, instruments, careers and cultures.” Registration is required, but all courses are free.
  • NAMM Foundation Webinar: Making Music Online – How-To’s For Ensembles: This webinar presented by The NAMM Foundation provides ways to continue your online instruction for ensemble settings.’s-ensembles
  • NAMM Foundation Webinar: Making Music Online – How-To’s for Private and Group Lessons: The one-hour webinar presented by The NAMM Foundation invites educators to, “discover online group lessons and therapeutic music-making for children and adults, and business models to move in-store music lessons online to keep students connected and making music.”
  • BBC “Ten Pieces”: This resource “helps classroom teachers and ensemble leaders open up the world of classical music to 7-14 year olds.” Offerings include lesson plans, films, arrangements, and live events.
  • Museum of Making Music: The Museum of Making Music is bringing the spirit of the physical museum online with a series of live stream videos aimed to keep us all connected through music. For a list of upcoming events visit and past videos can be found at
  • London Symphony Orchestra: Every Sunday and Thursday starting March 22, the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) will be streaming a concert from their archive. LSO will also be providing program notes and supplemental activities to pair with each performance.
  • The NAMM Foundation “Webinar: Teaching and Learning Music Online”: This webinar is geared to music teachers looking for a toolkit to add to their collection of resources to adapt to online learning platforms.
  • Save The Music “Music Education Resources”: A collection of nearly 50 resources aimed mostly at educators for both distance learning and professional development, however there are quite a few resources that parents can adapt to supplement music education at home.
  • National Association for Music Educators: NAfME has recently published a blog with a multitude of resources for educators, including material for student populations that may not have access to technology at home.

For Parents/Students

  • North Carolina Symphony: Committed to music education, the North Carolina Symphony is offering a range of lessons and digital broadcasts during the COVID-19 crisis. The lessons are developed in partnership with state music educators and align to North Carolina’s state standards for grades 3-5. These materials are free but please note the password for access to the site is 1932
  • Boston Pops Orchestra “Pixar in Concert:” If you are a parent ready to step out of the unknown for a bit, check out this compiled audio performance from the Boston Pops Orchestra. Take a whimsical auditory ride to destinations such as Andy’s room, the waters off Australia, a gourmet kitchen in Paris, Monstropolis, and Radiator Springs.
  • “Goodnight With Dolly:” Starting April 2, the one and only Dolly Parton will debut her nightly series where she will read bedtime stories chosen from her Imagination Library.
  • Noodle Loaf: A series of 10-minute interactive podcasts created by music education specialist and parent. While the podcast targets children 3-9 years old, it is fun for all ages.
  • Sing With Our Kids: A community project and website bringing free songs and activities for ages birth-five.
  • The John Lennon Songwriting Contest “STUCK AT HOME”: “Creativity knows no bounds when you’re STUCK AT HOME.” This songwriting contest is accepting submissions through March 29 with a randomly selected winner announced on March 30. Winners receive a home studio gear and instrument prize pack.
  • GRAMMY® Museum: Opening their archives to the public, the GRAMMY® Museum is providing a first look at their Public Programs. Upcoming programs include Billie Eilish and Finneas, Brandi Carlile, and Kool and the Gang.
  • Smithsonian Music: If you have a inquisitive little musician at home the Smithsonian has a large collection of online resources to help inquiring minds nourish their musical curiosity. Check out their “Ask Smithsonian Music Videos” a video series designed to answer nearly any question related to their collections.
  • Pinterest: Your kids will be thrilled when you show them this Pinterest board with over 297 musical instruments that you can craft together from household objects. You can just thank us later.
  • Rock & Roll Hall of FameThere may be no better time than the present to encourage your future rock stars to make music. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has a wonderful library of free online learning resources. Registration is required.

Musicians & Music Enthusiasts

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