Progressive Music offers a full repair shop with an experienced staff of technicians that are here to help you with your instrument.  We are here to make your instrument work it’s best for you and easier to make music. Specializing in brass, woodwind, and string instrument repairs for over 60 years, we provide quality repairs at an affordable price. Students, teachers, amateurs, and professionals come to us for regular maintenance to major repairs. The majority of our repairs are done on-site.

We take cleaning and disinfecting every instrument very seriously at Progressive Music. Based on what the instrument is made of, every instrument is handled differently. Every instrument will be completely disinfected before it is given to you. Our process includes spray on and wipe off disinfecting compounds, aerosol sprays, liquid soap, liquid chemical acid solution submersion tanks, and a state of the art UV disinfecting light bulb station.

Woodwinds Clean and Service Repad
Flute (closed) $75.00 $235.00
Flute (open) $75.00 $305.00
Piccolo $75.00 $235.00
Clarinet (composite) $95.00 $235.00
Clarinet (wood) $105.00 $305.00
Bass Clarinet $145.00 $445.00
Soprano/Alto Saxophone $145.00 $425.00
Tenor Saxophone $175.00 $445.00
Baritone Saxophone $205.00 $545.00
Miscellaneous Woodwind Repairs
Clarinet Tenon Cork $10.00
Pad Replacement (each) $10.00
Saxophone Neck Cork $15.00
Spring Replacement (each) $15.00
Shrink or Expand Tenon $15.00
Head Joint Cork $10.00
Brasswind Clean and Service Lacquer Silver
Trumpet/Cornet $75.00 $95.00
Trombone $75.00 $95.00
Trombone with F Attachment $95.00 $115.00
Single French Horn $105.00 $135.00
Double French Horn $145.00 $175.00
Baritone $115.00 $145.00
Euphonium $145.00 $175.00
Tuba $175.00 $205.00
Sousaphone $175.00 $205.00
Fiberglass Sousaphone $155.00 $175.00
Mellophone $95.00 $115.00
Marching Baritone $115.00 $145.00
Miscellaneous Brasswind Repairs
Soft Solder Joint $12.00
Silver Solder Joint  $25.00
Trombone Slide Repair $60.00
Rotary Valve Service (each) $20.00
Piston Repair Service (each) $20.00
Pull Stuck Slide (each) $15.00
Pull Stuck Mouthpiece FREE
Orchestral Instruments  Violin Viola  Cello  Bass 
Rehair Bow $50.00 $55.00 $60.00  $65.00
Cut and Fit New Bridge  $45.00 $45.00  $50.00  $75.00 
Install New Chinrest $10.00 $10.00  NA   NA
Install New Tailpiece $15.00 $15.00  $20.00  $35.00 
Install Tailpiece Hanger $10.00 $10.00  $20.00  $20.00 
Install New String Adjuster(each) $10.00 $10.00  $20.00  NA 
Fit New Pegs (each) $15.00 $15.00  $20.00  NA 
Fit New Soundpost $30.00 $30.00  $40.00  $50.00 
Install New End Pin NA NA  $40.00  $50.00 
Install New End Pin Button $20.00 $20.00 NA NA
Fit New Saddle or Nut $35.00 $35.00 $40.00 $50.00
Refit Peg (each) $12.00 $12.00 $15.00 NA
Reset Soundpost $20.00 $20.00 $25.00 $30.00
Reset and Glue Seams $75.00 $75.00 $100.00 $150.00
Reglue Finger Board $35.00 $35.00 $50.00 $75.00
Reset Neck $50.00 $50.00 $75.00 $125.00
Install New String Set (not including cost of string) $10.00 $10.00 $15.00 $20.00

  • Woodwind clean and service include full disassembly, hand cleaning and polishing of keys, body and pads, replacement of corks as needed and instrument is reassembled.
  • Woodwind repads include full disassembly, machine cleaning and polishing, replacement of all key and tenon corks, replacement of all pads, replacement of necessary springs, body is cleaned, polished and is reassembled.
  • Double reed instrument repairs are by estimate only.
  • Brasswind clean and service includes full disassembly, cleaning of all parts, replacement of all corks and felts, springs replaced as needed, slides are lubricated and instrument is reassembled.
  • All dent work is done by estimate only.
  • All guitar repairs are by estimate only.
  • All percussion repairs by estimate only.
  • Replacement parts are not included in any listed repair price unless specified.
  • Free estimates upon request prior to any repair.
  • Additional repair services are available upon request.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Price of repair may vary depending on condition and quality of the instrument.
  • All repairs are subject to a shop fee.
  • All repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from billing date. (only repairs listed on invoice are covered)
  • Progressive Music is not responsible for unclaimed repairs or repair estimates if left in the store facility for more than 30 days.