Progressive Music to Play Role in Documentary about McKeesport’s History

2007 marks Progressive Music’s 60th anniversary. Some of the memories of the past 60 years were recalled by Progressive Music manager, Lorry Yednak for a film crew putting together a documentary about McKeesport.

1The crew came to Progressive Music on June 11, 2007 and their docmentary will highlight what McKeesport was in its’ golden years.

Progressive Music plays a vital role in that history since we have been located in the City of McKeesport for all of our 60 years.

“It’s great to see a film like this in the works that will look back and pull together some of the great memories of McKeesport,” noted Progressive Music manager Lorry Yednak who was interviewed for the documentary.

Interviews with many l2ocal businesses and community members will be included in the documentary. While there are no specifics just yet of where you can see the documentary, it’s possible it could show up at places like Cannes and Sundance. There are also plans to bring the film locally to the Three Rivers Film Festival and possibly even a showing in McKeesport.

Filming concluded the week of June 11th and we will inform you as more information on when and where the film will be shown.

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