Progressive Music Joins With Music Educators Association To Advocate For Music Education

On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, Progressive Music joined with PMEA, The Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, in Harrisburg to advocate for music education.  Progressive Music’s Director of Market Development, Mark Despotakis, chairs the advocacy and public policy work of PMEA.

While in Harrisburg, PMEA members advocated for additional state education funding and other issues related to music education.  In addition to student performances throughout the day in the state capitol, a press conference was held with a variety of speakers expressing the importance of music education.

Speakers Include:
Mark Despotakis, PMEA Advocacy Council Chair
Chris Martin, Martin Guitar
Rich Askey, PSEA Vice President
Jenkintown High School Students
Benjamin Snyder, PCMEA (Collegiate) President
Tooshar Swain, NAfME Legislative Policy Advisor
Henry Pearlberg, PMEA President

About Progressive Music 
Progressive Music is a business with a mission to enrich the quality of life serving as a cultural and community center for all who make music for a living or personal enjoyment, regardless of age of ability. Progressive Music is the link between the public and suppliers of quality musical merchandise. The Progressive Music staff are professionals whose expertise assist, guide, and motivate people in the selection of music industry products as well present music education to the public through lessons, seminars and advocacy. Progressive Music is committed to their products with an experienced and knowledgeable service center.  To learn more, visit or visit Progressive Music on FacebookTwitter or YouTube.