Progressive Music Advocates for Music Education in Harrisburg

Yesterday, Progressive Music’s Director of Market Development, Mark Despotakis joined with leaders from The Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) to advocate for music education in Pennsylvania’s state capital.  Despotakis serves at the chair of the PMEA council that handles advocacay and public policy work.

PMEA Past President Chuck Neidhardt, PMEA Assistant Executive Director Abi Young, PMEA Executive Director Margaret Bauer, Representative Eddie Day Pashinski, PMEA President Dennis Emert, Progressive Music Director of Market Development Mark Despotakis and Representative Tim Briggs with the Music In Our Schools Month Resolution.


In addition to meeting with key members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Despotakis and PMEA leadership accepted a resolution introduced by Representative Eddie Day Pashinski marking Music In Our Schools Month. Pashinski himself is a former music teacher.

Representative James Roebuck, Mark Despotakis, Margaret Bauer and Chuck Neidhardt.
Representative James Roebuck, Mark Despotakis, Margaret Bauer and Chuck Neidhardt.

The visit to Harrisburg was timely, coming just one day after Governor Tom Wolf presented his budget proposal for Pennsylvania. You can read the entire text of his budget address here.

Here are education-related highlights from Governor Wolf’s proposal:

  • Increase of $400 million for Basic Education Subsidy (6.98% increase). This combined line item includes what was for 2014-15 separate line items for Basic Subsidy, Accountability Block Grant, and Ready to Learn Block Grant.
  • Increase of $100 million for Special Education (9.55% increase).
  • Increase of $120 million for Early Education – Pre-K Counts and Supplemental Head Start – (87.93% increase).
  • Increase of $23 million for Career and Technical Education (37.10% increase).
  • Increase of $4.6 million for Adult and Family Literacy (38.10% increase).
  • Increase of $15 million for Community Colleges (6.98% increase).
  • Increase of $45.302 million to the State System of Higher Education (10.98% increase).
  • Increase of $82.138 million to State-Related Universities (15.76% increase).
  • Increase of $2 million for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) grants to arts organizations (23.3% increase).

Find out what the proposed budget increases could mean for your school district here.

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