Orchestral String Instrument FAQ’s

Violin and Viola Tuning

To tune violins and violas, you will use the tuning pegs, fine tuners, a chromatic tuner or a pitch pipe. Tuning pegs are used when the string is at least a half note out of tune. The fine tuners are used when the string is less than a half note out of tune.

Gradually tighten each string in the order of G-D-A-E for a violin and C-G-D-A for a viola. Tune only 1-2 notes higAV7 3_4K VIOLINher on each string at a time. Do not tighten one string all the way to the correct pitch while not tightening the other strings. That causes unnecessary pressure that could create problems with the bridge. Make sure the bridge stays straight through the tuning process.

Using a chromatic tuner or pitch pipe, pluck each string until you reach the desired pitch. If you find you are unable to tune to the correct note even with the fine tuner, loosen the finer tune half way then use the tuning peg to re-adjust the string.