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Help Keep Music Alive and a Vital Part of Your Schools 

Here is a chance to learn about what you can do to keep music programs alive in your schools. VIsit the websites of these organizations and other advocacy resources to educate yourself on keeping music alive in your schools. 

 Advocacy News

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Tips For Success

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US Congress Realizes The Value of Music Education
110th CONGRESS 1st Session
H. CON. RES. 121

Whereas school music programs enhance intellectual development and enrich the academic environment for students of all ages;

Whereas students who participate in school music programs are less likely to be involved with drugs, gangs, or alcohol and have better attendance in school;

Whereas the skills gained through sequential music instruction, including discipline and the ability to analyze, solve problems, communicate, and work cooperatively, are vital for success in the 21st century workplace;

Whereas the majority of students attending public schools in inner city neighborhoods have virtually no access to music education, which places them at a disadvantage compared to their peers in other communities;

Whereas the arts are a core academic subject, and music is an essential element of the arts; and

Whereas every student in the United States should have an opportunity to reap the benefits of music education: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of the Congress that music education grounded in rigorous instruction is an important component of a well-rounded academic curriculum and should be available to every student in every school.

Passed the House of Representatives April 25, 2007.



Americans for the Arts is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America. With over 45 years of service, they are dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the arts.


The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council’s goal is to expand the reach, influence and effectiveness of the region’s diverse and vibrant cultural community through programs, services, and advocacy.


NAfME: The National Association for Music Education provides information and advocacy tips. NAfME is the professional organization for music educators.


The Pennsylvania Arts Education Network is a coalition of organizations and individuals working together to strengthen support for arts and education in PA.


Music and the arts are vital to every child’s education. Is your child’s music program in danger of being cut? The SupportMusic Coalition offers effective tips for taking action and the latest evidence of music’s importance. Revive your community’s commitment. Use The SupportMusic Coalition site to face the challenge head on. You CAN make a difference.