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Title Genre(s) Instrument(s) Publisher Composer List Price Location
Pastorale Kendor Burney/Niehaus $2.00 R5 S6
Hercules Hal Leonard Menken $5.95 R5 S6
Patriotic Melodies JT. Publication Robbins $9.95 R5 S6
Intermediate Studies Kendor Uber $8.00 R5 S6
Pocahontas Hal Leonard Menken $5.95 R5 S6
Introductory Melodious Etudes Fischer Siebler $7.95 R5 S6
Polovetzian Dance Kendor Borodin/Conley $3.00 R5 S6
Ludwig Elementary Trombone Instructor Ludwig Ludwig $8.95 R5 S6
Sarabande, Menuetto, and Gigue Selected Solos for Trombone Fischer J.S. Bach $1.75 R5 S6
Melodious Etudes Book 2 Fischer $8.50 R5 S6